Trust your instincts….or not?

As we navigate our way through life we encounter numerous obstacles, challenges and paths, many of which are daunting and paralyzing, hindering our ability to move forward. People look to many places to help them in this quest. Anything from horoscopes, Tarot cards or palm reading, consulting with ancestors, clairvoyants, lucky charms, through to coaches, gods and intellectual mentors are sought. […]

Lessons from the Salmon run

Lessons from the Salmon run I recently watched a BBC documentary from a series entitled “Nature’s great events”, covering the ‘Great Salmon Run’ from the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean, deep into the rivers of British Columbia and Alaska. An estimated 5 Billion salmon begin this journey annually around August. Scientists claim they have […]

If you want to have your world rocked…read on!

Okay, if you were expecting me to begin with an invitation to a popular group’s  concert, Cirque du Soleil  show or close up view of the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull volcano (pic left), then I’m going to disappoint you. But I dare you to read on. The rocking of your world I’m suggesting is when you dare to listen to […]

New Year resolutioner or cynic?

Rapidly following the intensity of Christmas celebrations and festivities, is January 1st, a day that  initiates many good intentions commonly referred to as ‘New Year Resolutions’. Yep you know what I’m talking about…we’ve all made them at least once in our lives! For a few they have mostly worked, the majority, very seldom, and for the […]