No Pith helmet or Bible required…just your heart

“I don’t do babies!”  boomed the towering figure standing before me. Bill Jorritsma was one of a team of 23 people (aged 15 to 75) who came from a church in California to Africa to serve our ministry to vulnerable children. We were standing inside the shell of a building destined to become our chapel. […]

7 ways to live positively in a negative world.

Let’s face it; we are living in a world dominated by bad news! Switching on the TV or radio, reading the newspaper (some still do even in this technological age) or listening to conversation, often leaves us despairing for the world we live in. Images of wars, famine, murder, rape, homelessness and suicide fill our […]

Whats in your hand??

When two or more random events that somehow seem to relate, happen to me simultaneously, it causes me sit up and take notice. You know…..when things seem to be a “coincidence” (a word I actually don’t use as I see it rather as destiny). “I recently experienced this.” I received correspondence from 2 unrelated friends […]