Beating the Blues 3 – Causes

Following on from my last blog re depression, it is notable that many people suffering from it, are living with silent feelings of guilt, failure, an inferior self image or even fear. Unless they know what causes it, the person can begin to believe its because of something they’ve done, or bad choices they’ve made or […]

Beating the Blues 2

This photo was taken of me some time towards the end of my tenure as Director of Beautiful Gate Lesotho, probably about October 2010, a year before my wife and I handed it over.  As I observe it now, I see a seemingly happy man, with little evidence of a troubled heart and soul. However just […]

Beating the Blues 1

  This blog is the first of a subject Id like to write about over the next few weeks as I have personally experienced and come across numerous people who are directly or indirectly affected by this most debilitating condition. The blogs are not intended to be negative, but hopefully provide some understanding and a way forward for those […]

Living to the max..for self and others!

This past week temperatures in our beautiful city of Cape Town plummeted, resulting in record snowfalls around the Peninsular. Even magnificent Table Mountain voted as one of the new 7 Natural wonders of the world on Dec 3rd 2012, was not spared. As can be seen from the pic above, the Table top was laden with a generous […]