Where is the “RIGHT” place?

Where is the right place?………. Is there a right place? This is a question I often have about any number of every day aspects of our lives.  Where is the right place to…………… Pray Eat Dance and sing Write kiss Enjoy family Laugh Dream We live in a world with tremendous variation of culture, creed […]

Moms seriously are Angels!

Yes…….Angels….there is no other word for it! I have been married to my wife Sue on and off (that’s another story) for 36 years come March. Sue’s major role during those years, has been that of wife and Mom. Other than 10 years,together with me,  of co-founding and nurturing a ministry to vulnerable children from 2001- […]

Some things you only learn by “being”..like Grand-parenting!

The  incredulous look my son gave me the other day was priceless. He had just seen me once again show extreme favour to his 4 year old son Callum (my grandson in pic) concerning the use of my IPad to play Angry birds.  Kegan couldn’t get over how much I gave into Callum compared to himself […]

He’s here, he’s here!

I had almost completed my 500 words writing for the day in my January challenge, when I received a Whatsapp message from our very pregnant daughter Tanya in Canada saying she was in the hospital and they were monitoring her closely as baby’s heart rate was a little slow. Not long after that Tanya wrote […]

Sabbath rest thoughts

Sound advice given to writers is that they should be readers.I qualify on that level as I am an avid reader and can be found reading 3-4 books all at the same time. (My bedside table is proof of this!) In this season I’ve been in the past couple of years, I have been drawn to […]

Divine appointments

In June 2010 I wrote my autobiography (up to age 55) after years of cajoling from friends who heard some of my story along the way. I called it “An Arrested Heart”. Yesterday and today I was reminded of one chapter I had titled “Divine Appointments”. In this section I wrote of the many instances […]

What if……is it worth asking?

Today our adopted daughter Maleteka became a teenager. WOW 13!! It’s certainly a significant and memorable day for most of us in our lives and ushers in an exciting new phase in our development.  For Maleteka, and others like her. it is a particularly special day. My wife Sue and I adopted her just under 10 years […]

Moving forward in 2014

Whilst writing my blog yesterday on Resolutions, I realised how difficult it could be to  think about making resolutions or believing we can keep them, depending on how we view ourselves and our lives in general.  This Worldview will greatly influence our ability to make resolutions, goals or plans. We all go through seasons in our lives […]