What is ‘spiritual’ work?

  Spiritual work? I’ve wanted to write about this subject for some time and a recent devotion in my email inbox supplied the ‘trigger’ to do so now!    so….“What is Spiritual work?”…or put another way, what does it mean to be ‘called’ ? Let me say right off the bat, I’m not a theologian. I’ve […]

A reason to live

When we come into this world, the thought of having ‘A reason to live” obviously isn’t way up there compared to say……. “Hey what happened to that warm dark place I was having so much fun and peace in?” or “Man its bright out here…who turned on the headlights?”…or maybe even… “Okay…I wonder if I […]

Are you Anchored ?

As we pass through this amazing journey called ‘Life’, most of us have this strange paradox of great and awful all wrapped up in the same package. Our lives can quickly go from extreme ecstasy and joy to excruciating pain and loss. In an instant, this journey, that had been going along fantastically, for weeks, months […]