Paying it forward with a chainsaw

  Hi…my name is Ray…..and I am a self-confessed Facebook-aholic! There…its the open…..ready for ridicule and the abundance of negativity around the subject! However I’m okay with this as my Facebook activities, spanning nearly 8 years has been predominantly intentional and with a purpose. Granted in the process I ‘like’, share and get involved in […]

Snakes and ladders and life

  In recent times I’ve had the privilege of playing games of Snakes and Ladders with 2 of my 3 grandsons. The 3rd grandson Liam, lives in Canada and is only 19 months old, so together with his brother to come (due next month) will have to wait their turn.  My first “Championship” was with my oldest grandie  Justin, who lives 1100 kms […]