7 ways to live positively in a negative world.

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Let’s face it; we are living in a world dominated by bad news! Switching on the TV or radio, reading the newspaper (some still do even in this technological age) or listening to conversation, often leaves us despairing for the world we live in. Images of wars, famine, murder, rape, homelessness and suicide fill our heart with grief and anxiety and a sense of hopelessness.

Whilst these things have been evident for many years, they seem to have escalated to epic proportions. Claims that “the end of the world is nigh” are abundant and we struggle to see the beauty and opportunities around us, leaving us feeling negative about life as a whole.
So how do we counter this proliferation of negativity in our lives? These things are happening and are not going away any time soon. Do we become proverbial “Ostriches”, burying our heads in the sand or focus on feverishly making a fortune enabling us to buy a private island to escape to?

Consider 7 ways to live positively in the midst of the gloom.

  1.  Intentionally seek out good news. There really are some amazing, wonderful, uplifting things happening out there. Go type ‘positive stories’ on  http://www.youtube.com/ as one example.
  2. ‘Be’ good news. Find someone who is struggling or needing a helping hand and be that ‘hand’ to them. Share a kind word or do something loving for them.
  3. Show gratitude. It’s easy when feeling negative to count your woes! Try (as our family has) placing a ‘gratitude jar’ in a prominent place in your home. Write down just one thing you are thankful for each week and place it in the jar. Month end go back and read them out.
  4. Find your “Happy place”. Find a place (not always geographical) you can ‘go to’ where you can concentrate on ‘good’. For me it’s on my ‘Japanese Harley’ cruiser or on rocks near the sea. Pray, meditate about positive things, read, write. Smell the roses.
  5. Live a day at a time. When we hear bad news and think ahead of what it may mean, it often grows out of all proportion. Practice a ‘mantra’ when you wake. I use “This is the day The Lord has made and I will rejoice in it.”
  6. Find a ‘Yes’ person. Find someone who is mostly positive about life, says “yes” to life and invest in this friendship.
  7. Seek a Higher power. The world we live in is a fallen one with much pain, sorrow and fear. However there is One who created it and He wants you to experience abundant life. We can’t handle life on our own but can live it victoriously with our Creator’s help.

Yes, the world can be a tough, sad place, but as each of us chooses to practice the principles above, I believe we can make it a better place, one person at a time, looking from a different angle.

Try it or give other suggestions! Let me know how you get on!

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6 thoughts on “7 ways to live positively in a negative world.

  1. You are right that in these days it is hard to find good and possative things in life…..However the sun always comes up after a dark night, and there are often golden linings around the coluds, not just silver ones:) More and more I am beging to realise that being thankfull for the little things is SO important….maybe we should sing some of the old songs again…..”count your blessings name them one by one, Count your blessings , and you’ll see what God has done………..

    • Absolutely Sue……We do need to count our blessings as it sets us up for being positive despite the challenges we face.

      When you mentioned the “old songs” it reminded me of the need to go back to the basics and enjoy each day as it comes. Seek the most important thing which is His Kingdom and “all these things will be added”.

      Thanks for participating through your comments.

  2. hi Ray it was great reading about your ideas of staying postive in this negotive world, one thing is for sure and that is we are all human one thing that has really helpped me lately is, i am human and things happen to us as humans we are not Gods we cant do everything all at once and all is then peachy, i love how it sets me free to be able to say “Oh opsie i made an error” and leave it there, teaching my teen these ways is also helpping us all to see that even in our human state of mind God is still causeing us to take it one step at a time, thank you for sharing this blog it is always great to read your blogs. God bless you and your family :)

    • Thanks for your comments Kathy. You are right, as hard as we try we are not perfect. Being able to admit when we’ve erred, let it go, and move on, leaving the negative behind and finding the positive again is a journey. Not easy, but possible with the right tools. Thanks again for your comments……andyour daughter is in good hands :-)

  3. Hi Ray. One thing that I try to do but its not always easy is to try and find the positive in anything that comes negitive my way. Right now I am trying really hard to do this as I believe something negitive has happened, and I believe it is impacting on me, but I know and believe it will become positive because I believe so and will work on it to become positive. A positive mind is all one needs. Di

    • Hey Di,
      Thanks for your comments. I agree being positive is crucial and we need help, or need to help others to live with that worldview. Life can be tough at times and we need ways to help us walk through them.

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