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Ray Haakonsen grew up as part of a white middle-class family  in the small but beautiful Southern African country of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). In this autobiography Ray visits the years leading up to the Rhodesian war also known by his enemy as the Second Chimurenga (Shona for revolutionary struggle).

He became a successful all round sportsman, representing his country playing rugby at school, U/20 and senior levels. He served in the Rhodesian Air Force as a bush fighter pilot whilst his country bloodily transformed into Zimbabwe, all the while fighting his own Chimurenga within. He mainly flew the Cessna 337 Skymaster a civilian aircraft converted into armed fighters by inventive Rhodesian technicians and armourers.

When leaving the Air Force of the country of his birth that had become known as Zimbabwe he moved to neighbouring South Africa. A few years later he divorced his wife and within months had a radical encounter with God. This was to have a deep and lasting impact on his marriage and career, revealing a life totally transformed and committed life to God.

Ray and his wife Sue have served in missions since 1988 and in June 2001, founded Beautiful Gate Lesotho, a care center for abandoned, HIV/AIDS affected and other vulnerable children. ( www.­blog.­beautifulafrica.­org ) 10 years after establishing and growing this ministry they have handed it over to new leaders and moved to Cape Town, South Africa.

They have 3 grown children, 2 adopted girls and 3 grandchildren and Ray has moved to Cape Town, planning to establish a new ministry to encourage people in their life purpose, called “Living Legacy”. Ray is excited to have more time to work on writing more books, with a desire to have a role as a “Life purpose Promoter”, impacting, encouraging and inspiring people to be the people they were created to be.

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