The emotions of anticipation

Two weeks from today I will be joining 17 other ‘ex- comrades in arms’ including 14 from our Air Force flying training course and 4 of our instructors, for our 40th year reunion. The event will commemorate the year that the 14 of us joined the Rhodesian (Now Zimbabwean) Air Force as, impressionable, raw and […]

Our future…in good hands?

Our future…in good hands? “Do you want the bad news or the good news first?” Lets get the bad news out the way! Sadly our country is experiencing a serious lack of authentic, transparent and most importantly, caring, servant-leadership from many of our  politicians. Friday was the first anniversary of the passing of our iconic statesman Nelson […]

A Beautiful dream…and story

A Beautiful dream…and story! Have you stopped dreaming, believing, hoping, desiring? All of us at some stage seemingly reach a place where this can happen. Tough situations, letdowns, disappointments overtake us, and frankly, life just seems to fall short of what we had hoped for. “Sue’s dream house” is a ‘beacon of light story’ in […]

10 Lessons from 30 years of remarriage

10 Lessons from 30 years of remarriage stems from the rather unusual situation of marriage, divorce and remarriage to my wife within 7 years of our initial marriage.Yep…I know…huh???…and today  (as I write) we celebrate 30 years of remarriage. Our story can be found in my book An Arrested Heart available through my website. This blog is written, not only for […]

7 things to do to do when you feeling blue.

    We all have them….those days where you just wake up feeling Blue….Monday seems to be the day that takes the wrap in the main…..but any day could just herald in a profusion of negative thoughts, sadness or YUK feelings. It’s not always a negative night before or dream that brings it on, but the fact is […]

7 responses to your own flawed decision

Some people are just born ‘decision makers” and seem to make decisions swiftly and intently, without (in your opinion anyway), consideration of all the necessary points involved. Others are more thoughtful, pondering and measured in making decisions. Now I’m not trying to compare intelligence, swiftness, or correctness of either of the 2 groups. I can however, write […]

What is ‘spiritual’ work?

  Spiritual work? I’ve wanted to write about this subject for some time and a recent devotion in my email inbox supplied the ‘trigger’ to do so now!    so….“What is Spiritual work?”…or put another way, what does it mean to be ‘called’ ? Let me say right off the bat, I’m not a theologian. I’ve […]