Seeing the Forest despite the trees

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tree in a forest

If someone can’t see the forest for the trees, they get so caught up in small details that they fail to understand the bigger picture. -Definition courtesy of “Mr Google”.

I thought I’d ‘play’with this idiom as a recent launch of a new Facebook Page I created, had me thinking :-) Its so true that in this busy world we live in, its easy to find ourselves in a place that we literally cant see the forest for the trees! Fast paced living, pressurised jobs, relationships, hobbies, decisions, ever-changing technology  and many other aspects of our lives, crowd us with ‘trees” that literally rob the view of the magnificent forest.

As I  picture being right up close and personal with this huge trunk, attempting to peer past its massive girth, I strain my head around, only to see some more ‘big trees” up ahead. In frustration, I become paralysed, stuck behind the tree and unable to experience the joy of the forest, sinking to the damp grass below.

There have been times my life has become like that and the joy of the forest is stolen away. The BIG picture is fuzzy or just gone! Its all a grind and kinda pointless. In those times others would see the despair and tell me to take time to ‘smell the roses’. But the drivenness to achieve, perform and be noticed had enveloped me….caught me up in the trees, unable to experience the joy of all that’s before me.

I’m thankful to have discovered (although it would have been great to have realised earlier), the only solution was to actually STOP! In my case it was abrupt and painful…but certainly necessary. Slowing down, let alone stopping, was almost a non negotiable, but the paralysis resulted in one course of action…..retreat from the glaring bark of the tree.

It was only in stepping back that I was able to actually catch a glimpse of the majesty and extent of the forest. The BIG picture became clearer and a memory of climbing iconic Table Mountain, with views of the sprawling city and suburbs seeped quietly into my mind and heart.

Only in stepping back……….


……can we see more expansively

Once again, I could cast my eyes….and soul, to the things that matter. Not sweating the small stuff and appreciating the beauty and immensity of the whole……profound.

I wrote earlier in my blog, about a new group I’ve started on Facebook called Á Ray of Light and found at (Why not join if you haven’t already?) 

This idea emerged out of a desire in my journey, to embrace and be surrounded by positivism. I found in reaching out and sharing good news, that it not only touched others but reflected back to me. 

It’s been a process, but more and more I’m able to see the forest despite the trees. The irony is, the trees no longer seem to me to get in the way of the forest, but, as they should, bring definition and structure to the forest. 

How about you…Ever feel you cant see the Forest for the trees?……Try it….STOP….breathe, smell, taste, touch, listen….the magic of the forest will become clear…and the BIG Picture in focus again.