When is focus not focused?

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Focused…or not?

It has been some time since I wrote a blog and it seems apt that I should choose this title for the one I am writing now. I apologise for the gap in communications, but at the same time, note that only 2 readers actually asked what has happened to the blogs :-) I guess it is also indicative of our lives that we can become focused on certain things and do without those which aren’t immediately apparent.

The above is not meant as a rebuke to you as a reader of my blog but as a start to answering my question, “When is focus not focused?” 

wonder, whilst focus has its place, if its possible that we can become so focused on one thing, that we can lose touch with other elements of our lives that are also important, but have taken a back seat. Generally as a person, I am more inclined to be focused and not really known to be able to “multitask” with consistent success. Due to circumstances in my past work situations, I have needed to have my finger on a number of aspects of the work, but I guess I was never really comfortable with that.

Using my blogging as an example, when I started 11 months ago, I intended to blog at least 3 times a month and I focused on that, along with other private writing I was engaged in. I managed, without too much tension, to keep those blogs and the other writing going and enjoyed doing them.

However, with the need to work on a sustainable form of income, I began to pour my energies into a new venture. It wasn’t long before that venture became my focus and the blogs and writing, surprisingly rapidly dwindled. Or is it surprisingly? I realise each of us is different and have varying degrees of ability to juggle a number of things at the same time. My initial question was “When is focus not focused?” I offer a possibility that is from my own experience. It is not focused, when we lose focus of other things around us. One aspect could be clear, magnified and in perspective, but outside that sphere of influence, everything else can be obscure, blurred and dull. Perhaps our lives should have some focus, but not to exclude other aspects of it that need attention as well.

Could that mean the magnifying apparatus needs to be lifted away a little distance, to enable other peripheral aspects to come into view as well. I have found myself being more aware of those peripherals lately and am attempting to include more than my tendency towards “tunnel vision” has allowed before. So I do hope to include more writing and blogging again, but perhaps not to the degree when that was my focus. So I guess the 2 books I’m working on will take longer than I thought :-)

What do you think about “focus? It’s good to be writing again. 

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16 thoughts on “When is focus not focused?

  1. Hi Ray
    I am not getting your blogs in my in box anymore – found these by accident when the latest one came up on my Facebook! I was one of those who said I was missing your writing so can you check your settings when you have a moment to focus! :-)

  2. Hi, Ray. It was great to see your latest blog in my inbox. Are you really working on writing 2 books???? Years ago, I had the opportunity to coauthor one with two nursing colleagues and it required more time and effort than I imagined. While right now I have more coming at me than usual, I completely understand your comments about the risks of being overly focused on one issue to the exclusion of other considerations. I read the book “Dealing with People You Can’t Stand” (we’re all in one chapter or another–I’m in Chapter 1 which is totally appropriate), I learned that I have the personality of a tank. I am “task-oriented/active”, tending to focus on achieving a particular goal so intently that I consistently move toward it. Generally not a problem, except when you don’t see all the people you’re rolling over along the way. Realizing that was a great lesson for me. Healthy living is all about balance, something the LORD Jesus modeled for us perfectly.

    • Hi Jan. Great to hear from you again. Yep I am actually trying to work on 2 books but as I am also trying a new venture to provide ongoing income for our family, I can only work on the writing when I have gaps :-)

      Thanks for your comments re personality of a “tank” To be honest that has been my leaning for some years (even at Beautiful Gate) and I am in a season now of trying to enjoy the journey rather than always looking to the goal. Not easy for an A+ personality but as I said…learning :-) I am truly attempting “balance” in this season. Writing is part of that and I have neglected it for some weeks, so getting back to it some more. The blog gives me good practice. Blessings.

  3. Good to see you writing again, and having something else to focus on and to bring a different perspective into your life…..:):)

    • Thanks honey. Yep it is good to be writing and reading again and spreading my focus a bit again. Trusting the writing will bring positive input into mine and others’ lives :-)

  4. Hi Ray,
    Good to see you back blogging again and look forward to ready more from you. Interesting topic, I guess some of us have been focusing on one thing at the moment and perhaps its not always a good thing but a necessity for some.
    Looking forward to reading your next blog when it comes. Hugs Di :)

    • Thanks for the comments Di…yep its good to be writing again…and I agree I think there are times we need to focus but still be aware more of the “peripheral” things.

  5. I knew I was missing something, LOL your BLOG!

    I am a multi-tasker… I have to protect myself though knowing my limitations and knowngi when to say NO.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your new books.


    • Hey Derm,
      Good to hear from you and that you thought something was missing :-) I do enjoy the blogging and writing and will be sure to enlarge my focus to include more of it. Trusting all is well with you and your wonderful wife. I recall our time with you in Newfoundland with fondness and gratitude. God bless

  6. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks so much for your comments. Yes I will get hold of Dave soon again for a cuppa and a chat…miss you guys too.

    Regarding focus, I do understand that the idea of focus is different for different people, but at the same time I believe we all need to have an element of focus……some may do it intentionally as a practice every day whilst others do it subconsciously eg: watching carefully as you pour a cup of boiling water into a mug so as not to spill or burn yourself.

    Remaining focused as you mentioned requires some commitment….eg: being intentional, setting a goal, listing activities to get to that goal, revisiting often (even daily) to check you are on track and then knowing you have completed the measurable activities to have achieved the goal…One way to be focused :-)


  7. I think your idea of focus not being focused is a bit confusing. But it is true that we need to remember there are other things than what we are focusing on

    • Hi Nic….I guess the major point I am putting out there is we can become so focused on one thing, we can lose focus on other things that should also be getting attention. Hence by moving the glasses or magnifying glass further away we bring more things into our attention frame :-) So Im asking the question…what is your focus, and does it sideline other things that are also important.

  8. Hi Ray,
    You have just hit the nail so squarely on the head.
    So often I get frustrated with myself because I have been so focused on one task that I have forgotten others which were as important but not as immediate.
    Still trying to find the answer but I seem to be stuck in that tunnel.
    Love reading your blogs but also lose sight of how much time has passed.
    Love to you and all the family.

    • Hi Pat……good to hear from you. Yep its a fine balance huh! I think focus is good so we can concentrate on whats important. However my latest blog on “finding your awesome” is relevant too :-) I guess we learn as we go hey. Good to hear from you and we need to connect again some time :-)

  9. Hi Ray

    Dave and i were just looking at your picture and wondering on how you are doing ? yes, it has been a long time since we have sat down and chatted for a cuppa tea, please sms Dave and come by we would like to see you again. About your blog of remaining forcused? well, it is a good question to ask an A.D.D. mindset person. I would like to say i like the way you explained to your readers about this. When is foucus not forcused ? You explained it well and in a short blog which means i could grasp what you were meaning as well. Thank you so much for bringing to my mind the hole thing about remaining focused it is always refreashing to read about ways to see things through different eyes. May be you could share with us about practical ways on how you remain focused? thank you for sharing your heart please send our love to Sue and family :) with love and blessings as always Kathy (inHIStime)

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